Welcome to the Official Clare Carey Fan Site.

Clare Carey is a rising star and a very talented actress. Having starred in the television show "Jericho" and with a leading role on the Starz cable television show "Crash", Clare is definitely one to watch.

This site was created to follow Clare's journey in her professional life, and anything personal that she may want to share. Occasionally, Clare will answer questions from her fans on this site. It is approved by Clare and we are excited that she will take part now and again to co-mingle with those of us who admire her talent.

Please enjoy the Clare Carey fan site and feel free to the "Contact" page to send a question to Clare, comment or even submit a correction.

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Clare is asking that fans of the TV series "Jericho" to join in on the mission to help Netflix revive "Jericho". Join the CBS Jericho Facebook Page and if you are a Netflix member, please stream the series and comment on it. Also "like" the Netflix Facebook Page. If you are not a member of Netflix, go to www.Netflix.com and join for a 30 day free trial and stream "Jericho"!

Clare's latest appearances since our last update includes the following:

An update about Clare Carey's appearances as of May 15, 2012

Clare's latest appearances since our last update includes the following:

Update from Clare April 21, 2009

Clare had a couple of messages to pass on:

"My episode of "House" airs Mon. April 27th on Fox at 10 pm. It's called "House Divided", and I play the mother of a deaf teenager who develops a strange disease."


"I am using the slow period during this recession to do a lot of yoga, meditating and soul searching. I am letting go of ideas, attitudes and stories that do not serve me anymore. If we are to grow we must change and change begins at home. So i am "cleaning house" and preparing for the next wave of activity."